Organic Vineyards of Correns

The Co-operative of Correns produces excellent organically grown wine - Rosé, White, Red and Sparkling - all under the «Appellation AOC Cote de Provence» and «Vin de Pays d’Argens».

Privately owned Vineyards

There are a number of privately owned Vineyards in Correns:

  • Domaine des Aspras
  • Chateau Miraval
    Chateau Miraval is owned by Brad Pitt and is not open to the public, wines can be purchased locally in larger wine stores. Pitt is currently renovating the famous recording studios at the Chateau, where Pink Floyd recorded 'The Wall' and many other artists have recorded here in the past.
  • Chateau Margui
    Chateau Margui was bought in 2017 by George Lucas, of Star Wars fame and the wines now form part of Skywalker Vineyards. The magnificent domaine is now a private residence for Mr Lucas and no longer open to the public. The newly renovated tasting room and sales are located just inside the entrance to the Domaine.
  • Chateau Real Martin
  • Domaine La Grande Palliere
  • Domaine Saint Andrieu